Duct cleaning Brossard

Commercial duct cleaning

Looking after your employees’ health is an important factor in any company, so you need to contribute to their well-being so that they feel fit to work and motivated. If the air quality in your workspaces has deteriorated, call on AIROMAX. Thanks to their team of specialists, you’ll achieve a significant reduction in dust to improve the airflow within the various rooms and make it more pleasant. This initiative will make all the difference to your employees, so don’t overlook it.

Indeed, you can trust the high quality of their products and equipment reputed for being chosen with great care. So they can offer you impeccable service quality. What’s more, AIROMAX is also committed to respecting the environment and every location in which its teams operate. An ecological action you can now find in Brossard.

Brossard duct cleaning for industrial customers

Industrial activities require a controlled environment where hygiene and air quality are often essential. In some areas of production, health problems are caused by dust in the air released by ducts, which transforms into small particles that then spread throughout the room and can enter products.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your industrial ducts clean, to reduce risks, thanks to the various equipment AIROMAX has on hand in Brossard, such as fumigators, whip systems, pneumatic rotary brushes and much more.

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Residential duct cleaning

If you’re looking to improve the air quality in your home and reduce the impurities that coexist in it, to improve the airflow of your heating or ventilation system and lower your energy costs. So turn to AIROMAX in Brossard, they’ll know what to do with your ducts!

Over the past twenty years, AIROMAX has developed its working methods to make them more efficient, and now uses products specifically tailored to the cleaning task in hand. We clean and decontaminate ventilation systems in all types of residential buildings.

Choose AIROMAX’s expertise and know-how for all your maintenance and industrial, commercial or institutional duct cleaning needs! We know that attention to detail and quality are as important to you as they are to us, so don’t hesitate to contact AIROMAX in Brossard.

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