Residential disinfection

Residential disinfection service

With the pandemic, the AIROMAX team is committed to helping the company as best we can. Our new technique for surface disinfection, effective against Covid-19, guarantees rapid and safe disinfection. Disinfection by brumisation involves the diffusion of a fine mist of disinfectant product into the air using a mister, covering all accessible surfaces in the room without saturating them.

This process, widely used on large surfaces, is now available for residences, shops and industries. Our team travels with the necessary equipment to apply this disinfectant mist and make your home or workplace safe.

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Nettoyage de système de ventilation rive-sud

The AIROMAX warranty

AIROMAX is a qualified company with a team of professionals specializing in the cleaning and maintenance of commercial, industrial and residential ventilation systems. With over 20 years’ experience, we are committed to providing high-quality services backed by certified personnel. Each member of our team benefits from rigorous training covering cleaning methods, procedures and techniques, as well as the proper use of products required for our interventions.

From customer satisfaction to promoting values within our company, we strive to provide first-class services to our customers.

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