Fan installation

Our expertise in fan installation: Airomax

Airomax offers a full maintenance and filter replacement service for ventilation commercial units. Thanks to our many years of experience, our team has acquired a strong know-how and proven skills to meet all your needs. Whatever type of filter you use, we’re qualified to offer you optimum support.

What’s more, we’ve developed unrivalled expertise in performing a in-depth 12-point check on your fan unit, greasing and replacing the belt. Our experts have the necessary experience to clean and replace your filter. We also strictly adhere to industry standards to improve air quality in your facility, guaranteeing results that meet your expectations.

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Airomax sets itself apart from the competition with its customer needs analysis approach. Once your needs have been identified, our team offers you customized solutions tailored to your situation and budget. Trust our qualified team for ventilation unit maintenance and filter replacement in the commercial sector.

Our work process

We specialize in cleaning commercial ventilation ducts, using state-of-the-art equipment to apply negative pressure to the ducts, dislodging dust and particles and conveying them to our collection system.

After cleaning, we fumigate to neutralize bacteria and prevent mold growth, using environmentally-friendly products to minimize our ecological footprint. Our competitive rates ensure healthy results at an affordable price.

If your system requires filter replacement, our team can help you by using filters renowned for their efficiency and longevity, guaranteeing a long-lasting investment.

Contact our experts for thorough and efficient duct cleaning and filter replacement.

Range hood installation: Professional service by AIROMAX

For many years, Airomax has been carrying out residential and commercial ventilation projects, including the installation of range hoods in a variety of structures such as homes, restaurants, office buildings and many other establishments. This experience has consolidated our expertise in the field of kitchen hood installation.

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Our company stands out for its commitment to providing efficient and meticulous installation of kitchen ventilation systems, meeting the varied needs of our customers. Our team of passionate, experienced professionals strives to satisfy our customers by guaranteeing rigorous, professional service.

We specialize in the custom installation of kitchen ventilation systems, including variable air volume systems. This expertise, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the industry, enables us to offer solutions tailored to every need. We recognize the crucial importance of these systems in regulating the kitchen climate and ensuring the comfort of employees and residents all year round. That’s why we take great care to scrupulously comply with industry standards during every installation.

Bathroom fan installation

The quality of the air you breathe every day is crucial to your well-being. Inadequate ventilation or inefficient filtration in your bathroom can pose health risks. That’s why it’s essential to call on our skilled technicians to install a high-quality ventilation system. We offer customized bathroom fan installation services.

To preserve the air quality in your home or business, trust Airomax. Our ventilation system maintenance and repair services, tailored to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, are provided by qualified, helpful technicians and first-rate installations.

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