Quality control with the SFP process

SFP process

Quality duct cleaning

At AIROMAX, we prefer the SFP process, recognized as one of the most effective for complete air duct cleaning.

Here are the three steps of the process:

The air duct to be cleaned is placed under negative pressure, allowing a powerful external collector (5000 cfm) to draw in the air to collect dust and residues dislodged during friction and pulsation operations.

Friction is designed to dislodge all dust from the duct walls. Unlike some cleaning companies who simply use vacuum cleaners equipped with round brushes that they insert into the ducts, our approach is more effective. It allows us to clean beyond elbows, and access often overlooked sections of ductwork.

Pulsing means that residues and dust are conveyed to the collector via nozzles. With this method, all nooks, crannies and sections beyond elbows are thoroughly cleaned.

We use a system of pneumatic whips that rapidly strikes all surfaces of the air duct walls to dislodge dust. To ensure maximum efficiency, it is essential to work with a minimum air pressure of 140 lb. Our teams take the time needed to carry out this crucial operation, ensuring complete and thorough dust cleaning.

Liability insurance

We offer comprehensive liability insurance to guarantee total protection for our customers. Our top priority is to provide you with impeccable service and total satisfaction! We clean and decontaminate ventilation systems in a wide range of residential buildings. Our many years of experience have given us outstanding expertise in all aspects of duct cleaning.

At AIROMAX, it’s not enough to have efficient cleaning processes and competent teams. We also attach great importance to quality control. If we encounter any difficulties during cleaning, we immediately inform our customers so that we can work together to find suitable solutions. This customer service is an integral part of our cleaning procedures, ensuring that every employee is committed to delivering top-quality work.

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At AIROMAX, we place the quality of our work at the top of our priorities. Attention to detail, the desire to improve and the desire to fully satisfy our customers are indispensable qualities in our employees. What’s more, our team leaders carry out regular inspections to guarantee the quality of our work.

In short, the President of AIROMAX is directly responsible for the quality of our service. Our guidelines are clear: any work that does not meet our standards or our customers’ expectations must be corrected.

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